Aquablue Salt Generators

Aquablue Salt Generators

Our natural salt chlorinators are the safest, most economical, natural and environment friendly purification systems for swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spas.

The chlorinators convert natural salt table or authentic Dead-Sea minerals into chlorine to purify the water while eliminating the negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine.

Salt chlorinators sanitize pools up to 120 cubic meters. A low concentration of salt is converted through an electrolysis cell to natural chlorine that kills algae and bacteria, and then reverts back into sodium chloride. This sanitation process in continuous, eliminating the need to add any extra disinfecting chemicals to your pool.
There are 2 Main components:

  1. The Controller – accountable for monitoring, alerting and controlling the automated chlorine production process.
  2. The Cell – responsible for the electrolysis process – the transformation of natural salt into active chlorine.


The Controller

The AquaBlue PSC-3.6 Controller maintains the pool water at a constant healthy level. A simple boost button enables 24 hour operation at full capacity – perfect for the occasional pool party!

Unique Features

  • Easy operation
  • 7 levels of chlorine production (10 – 100%)
  • Operates smoothly at wide salinity ranges of up to  8000pm
  • High salinity indicator light
  • Boost button enables 24 hour operation at full capacity
  • A feeding cable and flow switch are supplied to reduce installation time
  • Main button acts as ON/OFF switch and regulates chlorine production levels


Aquablue Cell Chlorinator

The cell is responsible for the electrolysis process of chemically transforming the natural table salt into active chlorine.

Individual steel plates are inserted into the core of the cell (the number of plates is determined by the model of the cell). Electricity is fed into the cell and the process of chemically converting the salt into active chlorine begins.  Unique technology implemented in the unit triggers a self cleaning process.

Unique Features

  • Gripping fins enable easy assembly and dismantling NO TOOLS required
  • Reinforced ribs provide extra strength, cell can withstand pressure of up to 7 bars (100 psi)
  • Unique arrangements of blades eliminates the need for high voltage or current that can be harmful to the long life performance of the cell
  • Robust transparent cell for periodic lime scale & corrosion testing without any need to dismantle the unit.


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