Lorentz Solar Pumps

Lorentz Solar Pumps

LORENTZ PS Swimming Pool Pumps are high quality products designed for use in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. In most pool applications all of the filtration needs can be met directly from solar panels meaning no electricity costs and significant benefits to the environment.

The LORENTZ pump uses a DC brushless motor for high efficiency and reliability, it is connected to a solar generator via a controller. The controller monitors the system, controls the pump speed and optimizes the amount of water pumped based on the power available.


  • Zero energy costs provide a very fast return on investment
  • Longer life expectancy than standard AC motors
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Proven in service record
  • Speed controllable to match the pool size exactly
  • Smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair
  • Fast and simple installation, direct replacement for an existing pool pump


  • Engineered in Germany
  • ECDRIVE DC brushless motors, designed for solar with over 90% efficiency
  • High quality non corrodible materials used throughout
  • Solar direct connect with AC connection options
  • MPPT technology to maximise power use from PV modules
  • Optional data logger


pump system PS600 CS-17-1   PS1800 CS-37-1
max. total dynamic head (TDH) [m] 12 14
max. flow rate [m3/h] 19 36
solar operation:
max. power voltage (Vmp)* [V DC] > 68 > 102
open circuit voltage (Voc) [V DC] max. 150 max. 200
nominal voltage [V DC] 48 – 72 84 – 96
battery operation:
nominal voltage [V DC] 48 96
pump type centrifugal pump centrifugal pump
integrated strainer ? ?
suitable for sea water on request on request
*) PV modules at standard test condition: AM = 1.5, E = 1,000 W/m², cell temperature: 25 °C

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