Magen Pool Solar Heating

Magen Pool Solar Heating

Pool solar heating is a great way of increasing your swimming season. Not only is the heat gained from the sun free, but as no electric or fossil fuels are being used, your pool heating system will be eco friendly. solar_panel_diagramSolar heating is a relatively inexpensive and simple method of heating your pool. The water is pumped to the solar panels using your existing pool pump. Once the cool water passes through the solar collectors the water heats up. The warmer water is then redirected to your pool via your inlets.

Where can I place the solar panels?

The solar panels are extremely versatile, and can be placed on tiled roofs, flat roofs on purpose made frames, concrete bases or pergolas. They should be facing as due South as possible. However this is sometimes impossible; so facing the panels in a South Easterly or South Westerly direction is sometimes the only alternative. A good guide is to check the designated area to see how much direct sunlight it attracts. If it receives more than six hours of sun per day the solar system will work efficiently. Other factors to take in to consideration are the length of the pipe run, and how high the water has to be pushed from the pump house to the solar panels. Shipshape undertake an extensive site survey before carrying out any work.

How long will Solar panels extend my swimming season?

A properly installed solar system should increase your swimming time by up to five months. Although factors such as day and night time temperatures, the amount of panels used, pipe run distances etc do play a factor. On average we have found that over the past eight years, our customers have been swimming in pools with a temperature of 26°c plus from approximately mid March to early December. Considering the fact that without any pool heating or a solar blanket, most people will not use their pool until June and stop swimming at around late September. The advantages of pool solar heating are self evident.

solar_panels_fruit_tree solar_panels_in_field solar_panels_in_frames
Above are some typical Solar Panel Installations. The Cost Effective Solution

What is an Automatic Solar Valve?

An Automatic solar valve is an optional device that can be installed to a new or existing solar system. Two thermal probes are fitted; one in the water line before the solar panels, and the other is placed next to the panels themselves. When there is a differential of temperature, i.e. the panel temperature is hotter than the water temperature, the manifold for the solar system automatically opens. When the differential is reversed the valve switches off. With this system you can even pre-set the desired pool temperature, and the efficiency of the system is greatly improved. For example; during heavy cloud cover or cold conditions the panels will not operate. If they did they would actually cool the pool down.

How good are our solar panels?

Shipshape have been importing Helicol Solar Panels for the past eight years. Heliocol have been the choice of pool heating at both the Atlanta and Athens Olympic games and are also used in huge factory installations in Mexico to pre heat water. Thousands of these panels are also installed throughout the USA and Europe every year to heat domestic pools, and with the nine year factory guarantee we believe that they are the best choice of solar heating for your pool.

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