Solar Covers

Solar blankets or bubble covers come in varying degrees of efficiency. From the plain blue 200 micron, to the more effective 400 and 500 micron. Shipshape have tested most solar blankets, and have found that by purchasing the slightly more expensive 400 micron* the efficiency (and in this case related to how fast the pool heats up and how long swimming time is extended by) is greatly improved.
*Micron size relates to the thickness of the cover.

How does a solar blanket work?

Solar blankets work by allowing the suns rays to permeate through the cover during the day thus heating up the water. The thermal quality of the cover then stores most of the heat gained. The pool gradually gets warmer day by day until the desired swimming temperature has been achieved.  Solar blankets can be used without any form of pool heating or combined with a heating system. 500-micron-solar-coverWhen used in conjunction with a pool heating system running costs are greatly reduced, as most of the heat gained is stored.  Another benefit of Solar blankets is that water evaporation is drastically reduced by up to 95%.  Certain blankets incorporate extra UV stabilisers so that they can be used during the hot summer months saving you even more water and money.
Please check with Shipshape for advice on which cover is best for you.


How do I remove and replace a solar blanket?

The easiest way to remove a solar blanket is to incorporate a roller system with the cover. Shipshape offer various types of pool rollers, from the simple manual type to the more elaborate solar powered system. A roller not only eases removing and replacing the cover but it also helps to protect the cover from damage once rolled. Many rollers can be moved and stored when not in use.
Solar Blanket on Roller Thermalux 6mm Foam Solar Powered Slatted Cover

When will I use a Solar Blanket?

Solar blankets are used in Spring and Autumn to store the heat gained from the sun. They can also be used in the winter if a heating system is incorporated on your pool.

Other Types of Pool Covers:
Other types of thermal pool covers are available. Although they do not offer the same solar properties as the solar blankets, they do have exceptional heat retention capabilities and are very robust.

Thermalux 6mm Foam:

Thermalux covers are made from a closed cell PE Foam, and are suitable for all heat retention purposes. Thermalux covers are extremely durable due to the strong woven polyethylene top coat, and the density of the material also helps eliminate light penetration thus reducing algae growth.

Solar Powered Slatted Cover:

A fully automatic hard slatted solar powered pool cover.  Not only does this type of cover store heat but it can be used all year round and also as a safety cover.  This cover can be installed without having to run any new cables and will open and shut at the flick of a switch.

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