Your Pool Water – Good enough to drink

Your Pool Water – Good enough to drink

Your Pool Water – Good enough to drink

Do you want to make your swimming pool a much healthier place to exercise and less costly to maintain sparkling clean water?


The aquasprite™ offers safe, monitored and economical operation whilst effectively purifying your pool water with a greatly reduced use of potentially harmful chemicals.
It is one of the most advanced swimming pool water purifiers in the world.

What are the benefits of the Aquasprite?

  1. Aquasprite™ creates crystal clear, allergy free water of drinking quality.
  2. It will eliminate green, yellow and black algae and the use of flocculants, water clarifiers and algaecide.
  3. Chlorine related skin rashes and health issues are reduced including asthma attacks, red and sore eyes, bleached or damaged hair.
  4. Swimming costumes and clothing no longer suffer from chemical damage.
  5. Calcium build up in the pool is reduced ensuring that the tiles or liner remain clean and shiny and pool cleaning much faster and easier.
  6. Keep the swimming pool easily within the specification of the EEC, and many other International regulatory authorities.

Why use Silver?

SILVER has long been known as a bacterial killer and used extensively by the medical profession before the introduction of antibiotics, and COPPER is recognized as one of the best algaecide killers known to man.
It was NASA that designed an ionization system for their Apollo flights, using copper silver electrodes to purify their water. We have used the same technique to kill the bacteria and algae found in swimming pools.

How does it all work?

Safe controllable low voltage DC current is transmitted from the aquasprite™ Control unit to special anodes fitted in the water chamber where electrolysis takes place, causing solutions of Copper, Silver and other minerals to form in the water. These are called ions (atoms), hence the name “Ionic Purifiers”. These ions are positively charged (+) and are created in billions each second. All bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi spores are negatively charged (-) therefore the ions are attracted to the cells of contaminants, the copper ion damages the cell wall, allowing the silver ion to then penetrate and destroy the cell.

  • Copper and Silver ions are pH neutral, non-corrosive and have no effect on the human body in the concentration used to treat the water.
  • Minerals with none of the side effects of chlorine purify the water naturally.
  • The ions are not oxidising agents like chlorine, so they do not burn up body fats, hair, and other organic matter. They only purify water and control algae and fungal development. Hence a small amount of chlorine is still required to burn off this organic matter.
  • When using the Aquasprite™ unit, the control of the current is automatic and self regulating, compensating for the conductivity and flow rate of the water.

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